Young Buck Responds To Uncle Murda On New “Un Rap” Video

Young Buck isn’t letting Uncle Murda’s diss on his “Rap-Up 2018” go without being addressed as the former G-Unit rapper fires back with his video “UnRap“.

Bucks diss video was born from Uncle Murda‘s recent vers blatantly aimed at the artist coming from the reports he had relations with a tranny on his annual year ending “Rap Up” diss track.

 “Young Buck got caught up in some gay shit
‘Cause them G Unit niggas thought I wasn’t gon’ say shit (What!?)
Nah, fuck that, he got caught with a tranny
(Take it easy on that nigga, Murda, he still family)
(Alright, alright, alright)

On the new visuals, Young Buck addresses the issues and even goes as far as modestly warning Murda at one point saying “I Heard What You Said Murda I’m Being modest now” and looking the camera up and down, take a look yourself at the full video available below.

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