Young Buck Chokes Starlito, Lito Responds With New Song “You Should Be Proud”

Young Buck and Starlito, yesterday (7/30/17) attended a Basketball game in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, where things quickly went south when the two rappers began to argue.

Two videos surfaced online today (7/31/17) Buck is seen grabbing Lito by the neck as an all-out brawl unfolds. While the crowd is erupting with excitement, security rushes to the fight and busts out the pepper spray.

Although there is no motive yet to how the fight unfolded, some are speculating it stems from Lito calling Buck a “faggot.” After this weekend’s altercation, Lito quickly penned a diss track aimed at his apparent adversary titled “You Should Be Proud.”

The 3:30 track finds the Tennessee native speaking on his past encounters with the G-Unit artist and there falling out,  Nobody ever did it bigger for the Ville than Buck/ But I’m realer and I really don’t even give a fuck,” he spits. “How the fuck you know/ you never know who fuck with who/ playing both sides ain’t cool/ I don’t fuck with you/ I always pay homage/ I always kept it honest/ You call me ’cause you thought I tried to holler at your baby mama/ I laughed/ Remember that?/ That’s the type of shit you do/ Keep a nigga close but don’t plug ’em in like Bluetooth.”

Check out video of the fight in question, along with Young Lito’s “You Should Be Proud” below.

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