XXXTENTACION Assures Fans He’s Very Much Alive

Florida rapper XXXTENTACION took his over the top antics to a new high when he  uploaded an Instagram video of what appeared to show the musician hanging himself.

The story unfolded when on Thursday (August 24), the artist took to Instagram to call out those who thought the short clip was just a publicity stunt when he says it was simply a preview of an upcoming music video.

X wrote in a caption, “if you thought I would ‘pretend’ to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re fucking stupid,”

Several followers of the rapper quickly expressed concern, seemingly unsure of the authenticity of the scary visual.

X resurfaced on social media hours later to let the world know the scene was from a forthcoming music video and went in on those who didn’t realize it wasn’t real.

It was a prop for my music video,” X said in a livestream. “It was a piece of the music video. Everybody needs to chill the fuck out. I was just trying to preview it. I didn’t know people would not catch on … I was in the middle of shooting it, so I couldn’t explain myself … I’m not playing around with suicide. Especially since I had a girl kill herself in my fuckin’ hotel room. Not even two, three months ago.”

Ironically XXXTENTACION is set to release his new album, 17, which he reportedly says is a project to help those suffering from depression. 17 is expected to arrive on Friday (August 25).

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