Wiretap Reveals Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Former Entourage Plot To Kill Him

Tekashi 6ix9ine was a wanted man long before authorities issued the warrant for his arrest, as transcripts obtained by TMZ reveal members of his ex-entourage were potentially plotting to kill 6ix9ine.

Coming immediately following his interview at The Breakfast Club feds wiretapped his former Tr3way affiliate JamelMel MurdaJones and his ex-manager Kifano “Shottie” Jordan talking about 6ix9ine, who is identified by his real name Daniel Hernandez in the transcript.

[Hernandez] is trying to dry snitch at the same time, homie,” Jones says. “But he keeps saying, ‘Fuck Treyway, Fuck that nigga, Treyway. Ain’t no nigga, Treyway. Fuck Treyway.”

Jordan replies, “I’mma feed him though.” Feds believe the word “feed” is implying to shoot him.


After agreeing with the individual they needed to link up Jones agrees with another individual that 6ix9ine needs to get “super violated.”

Super duper,” he adds. “Ain’t no much he could really do unless he run around with 100 armed securities a day.”

The mystery person replies, “He ain’t got enough money for that.”

Jones continues talking to the individual about 6ix9ine’s role with the Nine Trey Bloods. “Nah, he ain’t nothing,” he says.

Jones is currently behind bars and the wiretap transcript was part of a government filing asking that Jones remain behind bars until his trial after he was deemed a “significant danger” to the community.


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