Watch Dizaster VS Hollow Da Don KOTD Battle (Massacre 3)

Canadian-based rap battle league King Of The Dot left the scene reeling on Saturday (July 22) when they held a surprise battle in the middle of their “Massacre 3” event.

The Worcester, Massachusetts crowd went bananas when they learned they’d be witnessing a one-round promo battle between veterans Hollow Da Don and Dizaster, two MCs who could both stake a strong claim for GOAT status in this modern era of battle rap.

League owner and KOTD host Organik described the one-rounder as a teaser for a full-length battle that would eventually go down on the league, and the short battle served as a trailer for everything that is good, great, engaging and controversial about battle rap.

Take a look at the one round battle below and to watch the full “Massacre 3” event go to

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