Watch Cassidy Vs Goodz Full Smack URL Rap Battle



The Ultimate Rap Leauge unleashes the official video of the most talked about battle of 2019 with Cassidy versus Goodz.


Originally taking place at  URLTV’s “Resolution” event in Atlanta, GA on April 27th, the grudge match was Cassidy’s return to battle rap after his 2014 battle against Dizaster on FilmOn. Cassidy who boasted an astounding 5001 and o record in battling would take his first ever (highly disputed) loss to Goodz.


With the Philly spitta a fan favorite, he still gave the Bronx rapper a run for his money with some serious bars.


Ok, I punch a lot. I’m telling u now, and that fake ass ice u got will not make the swelling go down!”


Unfortunately for Cass, his bars would prove not enough to take on the Henny sipping Goodz who chipped away at Cassidy and his rap career proving he (Goodz) made his claim to fame in the streets.


You think I give a f*ck about a gold album? N*gga, I went gold in the streets!” Goodz raps.


Goodz win would prove a victory for the battle rap culture on guard watching for industry imitators that come up off the clout of record sales and label deals.


Although the judging for battle rap is done based on the crowd there are many who believe Cassidy took the crown 3-0, not a bad assumption as the Philly native clearly took the first round. The shaky scoring system of the URL battles leaves much speculation.


Still and all it was an epic match between a seasoned battle rapper and lyrical emcee that was by far one to go down in history.


Watch the full match below.



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