Looks like 6ix9ine cant stay out of beef as Vic Mensa is now calling him out along with Dj Akademiks to take it to the streets.

It’s being reported that Dj Akademiks caught the attention of Mensa when the internet star shared a clip of the Roc Nation artist criticizing Tekashi 6ix9ine during a recent interview on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles.

Akademiks claimed Mensa “found the subject of his next promo run.” Mensa fired back with a dare for 6ix9ine and a threat aimed at the Everyday Struggle host on Wednesday (July 25).

Hmmmm I wonder if @6ix9ine wanna see me in these mf hands tho?” he wrote on Instagram. “fuck all that security shit. & @akadmiks shut yo bitch ass up it’s on sight 4 u when I see u.”

Later Mensa would clear the air and state he was criticising 6ix9ine on using the Chicago-influenced style while disrespecting the city.

Look, for the record, I never dissed 6ix9ine,” Mensa said. “All I said was he got his style from Chicago rappers, something he has admitted, and that he needs to show our city its respect.”

So, if he wanna talk about ‘suck my dick’ and all that, fight me then. Point blank, see me and these fucking hands. No security. We seen you drive around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one-on-one. See what happen to you, boy. I’ll turn your muthafuckin’ face the color of your hair. So, put up or shut up like your bitch-ass homie.”

As for Akademics Vic wasn’t done with him as he references their infamous verbal clash on Everyday Struggle in 2017.

And Akademiks, it’s on sight for you when I see you,” he said. “You already know you don’t want no smoke with me. The whole world know it. They saw you bitch up. I called you a bitch to your face, and you are a bitch in your heart. So, nigga, shut your muthafuckin’ ass up.”


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