U-God Criticizes Rza’s Production After “Wu-Tang Forever,” Calling It Wack



Coming directly after the release of their Showtime documentary, Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men, one of the founding members of the iconic rap group Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God reveals how he and the Clan allegedly felt about the production after their Wu-Tang Forever project.

Sitting down with V-LAD Tv U-God speaks on how he and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan felt RZA’s production was wack.


After Forever, we was always complaining about the music internally,” he explained. It just wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t powerful enough. It wasn’t big enough. And RZA still wanted to put out records under that wack production.”


U-God would later go on to tell Vlad how Wu-Tang vented their frustrations in feeling the recording process was extremely rushed. The rapper would also be asked why the quick turnover of projects from The W to Iron Flag, he gets upset saying, “Get that fucking dude RZA in here and ask him all that sucker shit, please! Ask his monkey ass the shit!”


The legendary member has for some time been publicly speaking out on his displeasure with the business decisions that previously broke the group apart and recently published his memoir RAW: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang.


Speaking with Rolling Stones magazine the Wutang rapper says though the group was unstoppable in its inception Wu-Tang Clan’s beloved producer and squad leader RZA started to allegedly take control over all of Wu-Tang Clan’s endeavors. “RZA started becoming a bit of a control freak around this time. He wanted to control budget, publishing, writing hooks, everything. I kept quiet and kept working, but it didn’t take a brain surgeon to see he was trying too hard to control the entire creative process.”


Back in 2016, U-God sued his bandmates for $2.5 million following the claim that he never received any payment for the famously exclusive Wu-Tang album ‘Once Upon A Time in Shaolin’, which was not long ago seized by the US government. Though no word on the settlement, in that case, the crew was seen performing altogether at NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series late in 2018.


Check out the full interview below.




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