VICE’s Lee Adams Details The Rise of Asian Rap Culture

VICE  details for its season 1 of their web-series Minority Reports the rise of Asian rappers in today’s Hip Hop scene.

A growing number of Asian artists have burst onto the hip-hop scene over the past couple of years, thanks, in large part, to 88rising the multimedia company that specializes in signing and amplifying Asian talent. Founder Sean Miyashiro has helped artists like Joji, Higher Brothers, and Rich Brian (formerly known as Rich Chigga) build massive followings and net millions of views on YouTube, where the rappers upload a steady stream of music videos. But even as their popularity skyrockets, some in the hip-hop community take issue with their lyrics and some choosing to use the “N” word, questions are raised about the line between self-expression and cultural appropriation.

For the latest episode of ‘MINORITY REPORTS,’ VICE’s Lee Adams links up with Miyashiro and a handful of high-profile Asian rappers including $tupid Young, an Asian Crip to hear why they got into hip-hop, and what challenges they’ve faced while creating space for themselves as hip-hop’s newest minorities.

He also sits down with Ebro Darden to hear his take on the cultural movement, exploring what separates contributing to hip-hop culture from misappropriating it.

Watch Season 1 of Minority Reports below.

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