“The Force” Is Strong With Upcoming Brooklyn Artist Anakin Artz

In a day and age where it’s almost more cliché to make a career out of rap, then say trying to play Professional  Basketball or Football, comes the story of the underdog.

Brooklyn native Anakin Artz has set out against all odds, to prove himself amongst, the best the industry has to offer. His story is a testament to motivate those upcoming artist to never give up, from surviving a gun shot wound to the face  , his Reject Brand/Movement sends the message  to keep dreaming no matter what you have been through or who has rejected you.

The up and coming artist that uses the Star Wars theme as his backdrop, has been gaining quite a bit of credibility recently, being featured on Rap Radar, Revolt and Hot97 “Hotbox” with Dj Enuff, his success is backed by a bevy of strait, old fashion bars.

We recently caught up with Anakin  to get fans the inside scoop on the BK artist,

OK first off I gotta say I’ve been listening to your music you got talent man, what influenced you to start rapping?

Well I began rapping because I felt that I understood myself better when I wrote my thoughts down & I felt other people understood me better when I spoke through song. Originally growing up my first rap I wrote was created because my neighbor upstairs when I was living in east ny , Brooklyn would come downstairs and put on those hot 97 instrumental bootleg mix tapes & he always would reggae chat /rap but he always had the same rap so it inspired me to come up with my own verse lmao

So you grew up in Brooklyn? Who were your influences in hip hop growing up?

“Yeah in east Ny BK but I went to school in queens so I learned both hustles …. Biggie ,Nas, jay-z , Pharrel, Kanye west outkast & Lupe fiasco”

That’s what’s up, I also read your bio and you have a incredible story, surviving a gunshot wound to the face, could you tell those that don’t know, how you managed to make it through this, to be where you are today?

“In the midst of it all I remained calm and collected. The after effect was very revealing it made me question my purpose and made me believe in miracles. It made me realize you only have 1 life to live. So to maintain happiness and accomplish your dreams It starts with truly believing 100 percent and putting in the work ! Realizing this comes with a lot of sacrifice”

What would you say you have sacrificed for your career?

“Everything at some point … Love , watching my siblings and family grow and get older missing those moments. Money & being comfortable in certain situations even when it came to living situations”

OK, and moving on, could you tell us more about “The Rejects” ? Is this your brand or a group your apart of?

“I’m the founder of reject dreams. Reject dreams is a way of life , a family and community. It consists of creatives & people that identify with being rejected some where along their journey but instead of using that rejection as a crutch we use it as fuel to become great and overcome challenge”

So its more like a movement?

“Yeah alongside the collective Side of things when it comes to being a creative cast and firm it’s a movement of like minded individuals trying to get our voice and the voice of the unsung heroes heard”

You have a dope New video “The Force”, out now, how did that come about?

“Well the director / creative director / partner in reject dreams vision was to highlight the fact that as a brand we celebrate the unconventional”

“The diversity within the cast shows that & the mutant monsters throughout the video display that were all special and unique in our own way”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of”

For example The cast ranges from a world renown clarinet player from Macedonia to a dancer from Denmark.

That’s what’s up, fans will be able to check out “The Force” on this page, is there any new music or projects on the way for Anakin Artz?

Yes ! A bunch of new content on the way and projects don’t wanna spoil anything now with names but we’re dropping something this week that fans & rejects everywhere can bump to. Time to flood !

Check out the official video for “The Force” below and don’t forget to follow the artist on Instagram at anakinartz.



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