The Best Up and Coming Rap Artist from the South -2020


By RapTV June 24, 2020


The South brings to mind boots, ten-gallon hats, and a whole lot of country music. But, while the South
may not be as associated with Rap music as the East or West Coast, there are many great rappers who
have come out of Southern cities like Atlanta, including T.I. And Gucci Mane, Migos, and many more.
RapTV reports that today the South is producing some of the most talented new rappers in the Country.
Here are some of the best up and coming rap artists from the South.




Hailing from Louisiana, 2KBABY has some of the most original melodies Rap has seen a while. This guy’s life is something out of a Horatio Alger novel—or, frankly, worse. But he’s a true rags to riches story who isn’t afraid of his past or covering other topics that others might find painful. 2KBABY seems to be a genuine artist, the real deal. Listen to the song “Old Streets” to get a sense of the up and coming Southern rapper.

Kenny Mason



kenny Mason is sort of an alternative Rapper. Coming out of the South’s biggest rap city, Atlanta, Kenny Mason, faced some stiff competition jockeying for a position in the public eye against some of the
country’s most talented young rappers—many of whom you live scattered around ATL—but young
Mason managed to stand out with his unique lyrics and sound. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that his song “HIT”
was featured on an episode the popular HBO show “Euphoria.”


Rod Wave



One state that is often forgotten in the rap conversation is Florida. But, don’t forget, there are plenty of
very popular rappers who have come from Florida, including Kodak Black, Bobby Shmurda, T-Pain, Ace Hood, and others. Coming out of St. Petersburg in Florida Rod Wave’s popularity is starting to trickle outside the Florida state lines and become popular in other areas across the country. There might just be a bright future in the music industry for Rod Wave.



Denzel Curry


Another Florida rapper, Denzel Curry, is something like a child prodigy who only recently started coming into the mainstream scene. Curry’s most recent song “I’m Just Saying Tho’” has been getting a lot of traction recently, and may end up being the first hit that ends up taking him to the next level. But, if not, it’s doubtful Curry will be discouraged as the Carol-City-based rapper seems to have a lot more creative talent up his sleeve, waiting to be revealed.



YGTUT YGTUT is from Nashville, Tennessee. Maybe YGTUT’s rise will spark a rap music awakening in Nashville. Or, maybe, he’s just an outlier. Either way, YGTUT is an exciting new rap artist that has a lot of people buzzing. With upbeat songs like “Kids These Days” and “Hangin,’” YGTUT is better than a cup of coffee, as his music is sure to get you pumped up to the max.



There you have it, the most talented new rappers in the south for 2020.

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