Tay K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For Capital Murder





Texas rapper Tay K has been found guilty and sentenced to 55 years in prison for his involvement in a 2016 home invasion that left one person dead.


The 19-year-old who’s legal name is Taymor Travon Mcintyre made his claim to fame on the run from the police, Tay was convicted last week of murder when prosecutors proved that he had orchestrated the deadly robbery.


Tay K was also charged with Capital Murder in San, Antonio for allegedly robbing and killing a man at a Chick-fil-A.


Parents of 21-year-old victim Ethan Walker were present and spoke in court on Tuesday (7/23/19), where his parents praised authorities for bringing the young rapper to justice. Richard Walker the victim’s father displayed his disgust with Tay K profiting off his son’s death in the months and years after being arrested. Mentioning the Texas rappers song “The Race” where talks about robbing people and shooting them in there face.”


Every lyric to ‘The Race’ is stained with my son’s blood,” Richard tells the court. “Every ‘free Tay-K’ T-shirt that was ever sold has my son’s blood on it,”


Along with the recent sentence, Tay K is also facing capital murder charges in Bexar County, along with additional aggravated robbery charges for the “savage” beating of a “defenseless 65-year-old,” according to authorities.


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