T.I. Continues Nipsey Hussle’s Movement With Special Visit To Capitol Hill



Nipsey Hussle’s memory lives on through us all, and one special gift the rapper gave to the world was his love for his community that which still lives on through those who witnessed his unwavering devotion to various causes. One such person continuing the Marathon is rapper T.I. who recently Attended the Opportunity Zone Minority Investors Summit and Congressional Black Caucus meeting that Nip was originally meant to attend. Charlamagne Tha God and T.I. would end up leading the way as the pair both offered some thoughts and perspectives alongside legislators.



Following the Atlanta rappers contributions, TMZ managed to catch up with him as he gave them his thoughts on the Capitol Hill experience.  “We’re talking community revitalization, and how to make the best use of the opportunity zone legislation,” he explains. “I do more listening than speaking. Looking to download myself with the information so I can use it to my advantage along with my counterparts. Ironically, this is an event that Nipsey actually invited me to. Him and his partner David Gross invited me here on his behalf, and my own – I also have interest in Atlanta as he does in South Central on Crenshaw.”


Later the cameraman would ask him whether the next step of Nipsey’s legacy is destined for Capitol Hill T.I. explains to him the scope is, even more, greater than that.  “We’re here discussing legislation that we can use to benefit places like Crenshaw, and Bankhead, other underserved areas of the community where we come from.” The cameraman tries to make the point that maybe common ground has to be made with Republicans, the President among them. “I don’t have a problem with Republicans,” T.I. says. “I don’t think it’s about black, white, Democrat, Republican. It’s about decent and indecent. I don’t have a problem working with decent people.” The cameraman ends by asking “Does that include Trump?” T.I. leaves that up in the air – “I said, decent people!


Take a look at the TMZ interview below.





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