STARZ POWER Gets Fans Prepared For Season 6 With Full Trailer



The trailer for STARZ hit crime drama “POWER” has been released promising a “final betrayal” for Ghost (Omari Hardwick).


Continuing where the story left off on season 5’s explosive finale, that saw Angela’s (Lela Loren) life hanging in the balance, the brand new trailer details multiple characters plotting to put an end to Ghost, while the cops are also closing in.


Just last month 50 Cent announced the hit show would not be ending after season 6. Within the last year fans were given the impression POWER was concluding with season 6 but the producers explained that the show will have to see a continuation after the season finale.


Plenty of storylines are abounding for the new season including Angela (Lela Loren) surviving her life-threatening ordeal as is revealed in the trailers closing enigmatic final sequence. As Ghost pleads: “I didn’t kill her, Angie. I didn’t kill her,” she responds: “You will.”


showrunner Courtney Kemp describes the hit show’s final episodes as “scary” and “fun” and predicts that it will prove divisive with fans.


Check out the trailer below and be sure to check out the season 6 premiere on Starz on August 25.


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