Soulja Boy Cranks That Shade Up On Tyga With “Piguet Puddle”


Soulja Boy Continues with possibly no avail to drag Tyga‘s name in the mud as he continues his campaign with his latest song firing shots entitled “Piguet Puddle.”

In a clever PR scheme, the artist has been capitalizing off of his viral moment with Tyga who only has responded on a recent freestyle for the La Leakers. Although as mentioned earlier, the clever promotion has worked to the rappers benefit as he’s gearing up to release his forthcoming project, How Can You Blame Me this summer.

The latest track “Piguet Puddle” follows the release of this weekend’s back-to-back releases of “Tha Block Is Hot” and “Warned” with Killah Dre. No matter your feelings on King Soulja you have to give him props for the effort as it all balls down to business at the end of the day.

Check out his latest diss and be sure to share your views in the comments section below.

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