Sex Island Resort Makes Its First US Appearance In Nevada


The infamous Sex Island Resort offering unlimited sex with 100 women is making its first appearance in the United States.


Previously the event has been held on an island off the coast of Venezuela. But this year the raunchy party will take place at an undisclosed resort in Nevada. The only state in the US that allows some forms of legal prostitution.


As outrageous or unreal as the orgy holiday might sound it is very real and according to the Daily Mail Guests will choose two ‘beautiful’ women each day for the four-day party, which includes raunchy activities such as topless quad bike and horse rides and a ‘sexual helicopter tour’.





If the unlimited sex isn’t enough to float your boat the event is reportedly also drug and alcohol friendly. Of course, when you start to mention drugs and prostitution publicly you can only bet red flags will pop up in the law enforcement community. That which has happened as the DEA has chimed in warning that officers would raid the event, and deport tourists if drugs laws are found to be broken.


The Drug Enforcement Agency issued this statement: If any illegal substances are found on the premises of your resort, the immediate shutdown of the event be ordered.‘All foreigners attending and caught handling illegal drug substances will be immediately taken into the nearest immigration detention center and processed for deportation.’


The Good Girls Company who is in charge of the event believes the government can do absolutely nothing to stop the event from going down.


The authorities are clearly getting nervous about Sex Island coming to the US for the first time, but they know they can’t stop us in Nevada so they are warning us about illegal drugs. The Good Girls Company spokesman says, ‘We have reassured our guests that they don’t have to be worried about being deported. Everything will be legal and above board.’”


While this might sound like every male from 18 to ’80s last dying request, hold your horses because the trip will definitely hurt your pockets. Tickets for this year’s event will cost $6,000, with organizers making the promise to refund the money of one guest who wins a competition during the event to have sex with the most women during the four days.


If the 6K price is merly chump change then head over to their official website and pick up your tickets.



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