RZA Explains Missing Opportunity For Drake Collab “Wutang Forever”

Wutang Clans H.N.I.C RZA sat down with Power 106 Los Angeles for his interview, where he admitted that Drake pretty much threw them an “alley-oop” by writing the song, he now feels like the opportunity has been “missed.”

When asked by Power 106 if a Wu mix of Drake’s 2013 album “Nothing Was The Same“, was in the pipeline, RZA responded, “That should have happened. First of all I just want to shout Drake out, I think he threw an alley-oop to us right there.”

I think we missed it,” he says. When one of the show’s hosts responded saying she thought it was “never too late,” RZA remained unconvinced. “I gotta say we missed it. I don’t regret it for no popularity or nothing, I just regret it for the fact that, yo, as you become an elder, it’s your duty to go back and work with youth and rekindle that fire.”

Rza later says of the honor to get the nod from a young superstar such as Drake, “When somebody like Drake reaches out to Wu-Tang and says ‘Yo, let’s collaborate,’ it’s more of our duty, forget the business. We gon’ make money regardless.”

Check out the full interview below.

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