Rhythm Roulette: Dj Jazzy Jeff (Serato Edition)

In the latest episode of Mass Appeal‘s Rhythm Roulette, the web-series calls upon legendary Grammy winning Dj Jazzy Jeff.

In the video the iconic Dj/Actor and Philly native carefully listens to one of the three records he dug out of the crates at random, figuring out which parts of it he’ll use just minutes later as he crafts his instrumental. At that moment, it becomes clear that this isn’t just a bit of press for Jazz,this is life. The act of making music is home for him, as he alluded during the introduction of the segment.

So much so, that the records were brought to him. Jazz, who regularly tours internationally, didn’t have time to hit the record store after returning home from a recent trip, so his friend and vinyl enthusiast Gene Brown brought the crate digging to Jazz in the back of a van. And dig he did. After the DJ swiped off the traditional blindfold, Gene revealed that Jazz had come up with “Back for More“by Al Johnson,”Say No More” by rock act Les Dudek, and the 1973 self-titled album by funk act Reuben Howell.

You know what that is?” says Jazzy as he listens to one of the records, turning around to check for incredulous looks on the faces of his comrades. “That’s scratching! That’s scratching with someone singing on it! That’s why I was tripping!” Despite being at the forefront of DJ culture for the last 30 years, he still gets giddy when he hears it being done right.

After watching Jazzy Jeff at work it’s clear why the Dj is one of the first to ever win a Grammy.Watch as Jeff utilizes the new Serato software in the clip below, and for those Dj’s that haven’t tried it yet, get your free sample of the Serato software HERE .

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