Rap Legend Slick Rick Emerges With ‘Can’t Dance” & “Midas Touch”




With over 3 decades in the game rap legend, Slick Rick emerges and keeps the ball moving with two new songs “Can’t Dance” and “Midas Touch.”


Rick Tha Ruler recently made his comeback appearing on tracks with French Montana (“No Stylist“) and the Black Eyed PeasConstant“. Today the OG makes his official solo comeback releasing a two for one deal with visuals to accompany them.


Music and art is about what moves you and connects to your spirit,” Slick Rick tells hypebeast.This mini project is all about self-expression, inspiration versus pressure, and being true to thy self. In life, It’s all about what resonates to the very inner fibers of our existence. You feel me?”


The rapper that was doing his thing before your favorite rappers favorite rapper two new songs are available for purchase here.


Watch the full video below.




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