Police Say They Have Video Footage Of Lil Durk Shooting Alleged Victim



An Atlanta police detective has released possibly some damaging evidence in the Attempted Murder case of Lil Durk.


As reported by  WBS-TV Atlanta, the Chicago-bred rapper was in court on Friday (June 14) when the Atlanta detective revealed they have video of the rapper shooting a man near The Varsity while he was driving. Following the testimony before 2 p.m., the judge found probable cause for Durk and his co-defendant to be charged with “possession and criminal intent to commit murder among other charges” as was explained in a tweet from a WBS-TV reporter named Lori A. Wilson.

As previously reported Lil Durk turned himself in on May 30 after wrapping up his most recent tour. In an exclusive interview with the news outlet, he proclaimed his innocence.


I have nothing to hide,” he said. “I have nothing to run from. We found out we had a warrant actually while on tour. Once I heard, I immediately came back.”


The shooting took place in February at The Varsity restaurant in Atlanta where a 23-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds.



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