Page Kennedy Remixes Jay Z’s “The Story Of Oj” [New Music]

Jay Z recently dropped his highly anticipated Album 4:44, and of course the internet picked it apart word for word. One such track that received much criticism was his ‘The Story Of Oj“, The socially charged track that brought back the discussion of racism, and African Americans exploitation .

Page Kennedy decides to keep the discussion going with his own remix to the track, with lines like,“You ain’t never had money and then get some
It’s kinda like getting old and you got  no wisdom
So I understand why niggas posin’ with the money phones
Cause when we used to call collect, ya didn’t connect
Cause in the pen you get one call to your homie’s home
We used to take that don’t accept as disrespect
So when you finally get the bag, gotta stunt
Gotta pose, gotta floss, gotta post, gotta front…

Speaking with Mass Appeal Kennedy shed some light on his remix of the song,“HOV put us up on some grown man shit on 4:44,” the artist explains. “So I just wanted to expand on what he did with this song and play devil’s advocate. There are two sides of every story and I wanted to share both sides. I also wanted to show my own personal maturity in opening myself up to different kinds of rap music that I normally dismiss cause it’s different from what I typically like.”

No matter what your thoughts are of the controversial track, you have to admit it has brought the much overlooked subjects facing our community to light.


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