Nipsey Hussle’s Reason For Being At The Marathon Store Finally Explained





Nipsey Hussle was known not only in the industry but in his neighborhood for helping uplift others, something that makes his death an even harder pill to swallow.

According to TMZ, Nip was at his Marathon Clothing store the spot the triple shooting occurred, reportedly to help a friend who was just released from prison. Sources close to the Crenshaw native say he wanted to hook a friend up with some fresh gear so he could look presentable before meeting up with his own family and friends later that day the man had been in prison for almost 20 years.

Neighborhood Nip was unable to let his team or primary security guard know he’d be going to the store alone since it was an impromptu visit, there would be nobody aware he’d left home.

Shortly after he arrived at his West Slauson Blvd store he was shot six times and rushed to a local hospital where he later died. The alleged killer, Eric Holder, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon (April 2) in the L.A. suburb of Bellflower.



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