Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden Get In Heated Argument Over Drug Allegations On Queen Radio



After Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj recently linked up for their “Hot Girl Summer” track Nicki immediately invited the Houston rapper for a new episode of her Queen Radio. The episode that aired on (8/12/19) although would later not feature Hot Girl Meg but instead filling in for her would be Joe Budden.


Minaj first teased the Beats 1 show in her amped-up Instagram post yesterday (8/11/19), in what many say was a response to Azealia Banks calling her “wild coked…fake and evil.”


Never forget there r 7 billion ppl in the world but u choose to interrupt ur important life to go on another black girl page to project ur own insecurities,” Nicki writes on IG.

With fans excited to hear what shade could come from this situation and with the absence of Meg The Stallion, they still were in for some fireworks as Joe Budden and Nicki argued as to whether the rollout of Megan and Nicki’s new single, “Hot Girl Summer,” was “calculated.” “You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves,” Nicki says to Budden.


Later things would get out of hand when Joe Budden brings up the allegations of Nicki Minaj’s Drug abuse. Joe Budden recently chimed in on Twitter and his podcast Face Tune slamming the rapper with allegations she is a “Pill Popper.”



Minaj fed up with Budden would go on to tell her producer to “cut [Budden]’s fucking mic,” after drug allegations came up. “It’s been malicious and specific to me because he and I were under the same people when we were coming up,” she says. “I used to think to myself, this man is so bitter… I didn’t think his ego was that out of control that he couldn’t admit when he was wrong.”


Concluding her thoughts on the drug allegations Minaj would later swear on she has never tried cocaine, “may God strike me down.”


Listen to the full podcast available below.




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