Meek Mill Responds To 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend For Calling Him “A Big Hater”

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend recently jumped in the comment section of Dj Akademiks Social media account to comment on Meek Mill‘s recent shade aimed at the rainbow rapper.

Apparently, his ol’ lady took offense to Meek Mill‘s comment calling Takashi a snitch and decided to call the platinum-selling artist “a big hater.” After getting familiar with her comments Meek was in no way having it and responded immediately.

The original post from Dj Akademiks was him teasing a possible collaboration with 6ix9ine. Meek commented, “He telling… shows over buddy. stop posting bull you disrespecting us.”

Meeks comments stem from last week when it was revealed 6ix9ine was cooperating with the Feds in an effort to receive a lighter sentence in his racketeering case. As a result of these revelations, Twitter has dubbed the rapper “Snitch9ine.”

Tekashi plead guilty to nine federal counts and is scheduled for sentencing next January and if convicted faces up to 47 Years in Prison.

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