Meek Mill Is Fighting For His Release From Prison

According to TMZ, it’s official Meek Mill has officially filed documents requesting his release from prison.

Enclosed in the new documents the site reports Meek’s legal team argues that his two-to-four-year prison sentence is the result of a vendetta against him by Judge Genece Brinkley.

Meek’s legal team also argues that the two reported incidents Brinkley says constituted his probation violation and the misdemeanor assault and driving recklessly were dismissed charges that had already been dropped. The documents also go on to cite Meek’s probation officer testifying that the rapper had shown progress.

Aside from the Dreamchaser rappers being released from prison, Mill is also seeking to have his probation be completely terminated. The MMG rapper says he’s matured and has “generally been rehabilitated” after becoming a father and through his music career.

TMZ has also revealed that Meek is currently stuck in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. His lawyers say that prison officials are keeping him separate and away from the rest of the inmates for his own safety, but they argue that he’ll be perfectly fine in general population. Meek’s lawyers also are saying being cooped up in solitary for so long is hindering his creativity.

All of this comes just days after it was revealed recently the FBI is reportedly investigating the judge presiding over Meek’s case.After it’s alleged she has ties to many in the Philly music industry.


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