Meek Mill Ends Decade Long Court Case Pleading Guilty To Misdemeanor



Philly native rapper Meek Mill and his legal team went back to court Tuesday, where they hoped to avoid a retrial after the original conviction was thrown out. Instead of drawing the trial even longer Meek decided to plead guilty to misdemeanor possession of a firearm without a license, and the remaining 6 charges for which he was originally convicted were all dropped.


Meek would later briefly address the Philly crowd waiting outside full of his supporters. Telling the crowd he wasn’t on probation anymore, and that he was free at last.




The case could have been won if Meek decided to forego the impending trial considering the key witness ended up being a dirty cop , and not to mention this would be taking place more than a decade after the alleged crime, and many witnesses testimony would be hazy at best.


Meek Mill has been at the forefront of the prison reform movement over the years and finds himself touching on the subject in his speech Tuesday following his court appearance.


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