Max B & French Montana Unleash New Mixtape “Coke Wave 4”



Max B and Coke Boys General French Montana unleash their new collaborative mixtape entitled “Coke Wave 4.”


The project recorded in one week was produced by Los Angeles producer Paul Couture and French Montana. Today’s song marks the first time in almost a decade Max B has released a full studio project.


Speaking over the phone from prison to Rolling Stone, Max B likens the latest Coke Wave installment to the equivalent of Kawhi Leonardgoing to Toronto, winning that championship in one year


“Everybody has this thing mixed up that we’re talking about actual coke product,” Max B told Rolling Stone. “When we came up with the Coke Wave concept, it was always about the hustle, the grind. When we started, French was in the DVD game. I was doing my thing, had worked with Jim [Jones] and all them. So we both had some buzz in the streets. We thought we would come together and put his visual skills with my audio skills. But it’s not about drugs — it’s about the way we took the music and flipped it to make a profit.”


Aside from the Coke Boy name, there is another misconception with the title of the project calling it the fourth release in the series when it actually is only the third. “The funny thing is, I didn’t even know there wasn’t a third one until the fans were like, ‘y’all just gonna skip three?‘” Producer Paul Couture says. “I’m pretty sure French knows which number he’s on.”

Stream the project below.


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