Livelihood Details The Everyday Struggle On “Just A Week Ago” (Official Video)




All over the United States in almost every city if you turn on the News you will hear about Police Brutality, Misconduct, and Shootings. While many put a blind eye to the issues two up and coming Compton artist shed light to the subject with their new video “Just A Week Ago.”

Enter rap duo Livelihood consisting of  Quon and MOEtivation the duo have been stirring things up in their region working with artist like  Joe Moses and Kxng Crooked and competed in, and won Sean Healey’s “Battle For Beats show in February 2014, with celebrity judges DJ Mustard and Steve Lobel. Following the show and competition, they released their first mixtape, Modest Beginnings .

Today we get blessed with the groups gripping ode to the ins and outs of the street life as a wake-up call to the young generation,

As far as just a week ago. It was created to wake black ppl up. Livelihood tells SHHM, The video explains both sides as far as what we have to deal with on the daily basis with cops harassing innocent black Americans but on the other hand, we are killing each other. It’s a lose-lose situation“.


The visuals start off with Moetivation getting robbed in an alley as he delivers his bars backed by some soulful saxophone instrumentals, recuperating only to unfortunately later be gunned down before Quon just down the street is harassed by cops.

Check out the gripping new Luke Schaefer directed video below.

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