Lil Yachty & DC Young Fly Light Up For “How High 2” Official Trailer



The sequel to the classic 2001 Weed flick “How High” is on its way featuring Quality Control artist Lil Yachty and Wild N Out star DC Young Fly.

In the original film featuring Method Man as Silas P. Silas and Redman as Jamal King, the two weed smoking buddies make it into the prestigious Harvard University after discovering some magical weed. Consequently, How High would become a classic staple among cannabis connoisseurs setting the film in with Classics like Cheech and Chong’sUp In Smoke.”

For the updated version we find Yachty and DC stumbling upon a “weed bible” and the two end up growing a supernatural marijuana strain that eventually gets stolen. On a mission to find the plant, Yachty, and DC go on an adventure.

Starring alongside the duo is Mike Epps who retains his role as Baby Powder, Lil Baby and Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Nene.

Many old school fans were enraged when news was out Red and Meth would not participate in the sequel although the two have made it clear there are no hard feelings and they are in full support of Yachty and DC.

Yachty and DC have nothing to do with it,” Redman tells The Grass Routes Podcast. “It was just all business. I look at it like this man — when one door closes, another one opens and that just leaves room for “me” and Meth to do a whole new movie.”


The MTV production is slated for release on the Smokers holiday April 20th, watch the official trailer below.



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