Lil Wayne Answers Questions For The Debut Episode “The Bumbu Room”

Lil Wayne makes way to the luxe liquor brands Bubu Room to sit back and answer some of his fan-submitted questions.

Fans hit the Young Money artist with questions ranging from his taste in women to the heated Kobe versus Michael Jordan debate. Later the focus would change and stearin the direction of the mix of two Weezy favorites smoking weed and women. I have ashed my blunt on a booty while having sex, the former Cash Money artist admits. My man, Hoody, he is a dog when it comes to a big booty. Let me mind you this is a fat guy. I’ve saw this guy eat a meal off [a butt], a good nice meal.

After fans heard that answer they wanted to get even more personal and asked who was his Fav Nicki Minaj or Rihanna, and of course, Wayne sided with the Queen of Young Money.Nicki, Wayne statesWe would go into the studio and make beautiful music, then we would go into somewhere else and make beautiful something else.

Take a look at the full Bumbu Room interview below.

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