Lil Pump- “Butterfly Doors” (Official Video)

While everyone awaits that “Harvard Dropout” album, Lil Pump gets his fan base ready by dropping off a new video for his song “Butterfly Doors“.

Coming only a few days into the new year Lil Pump unleashes a new video where we find the rapper surrounded by a fleet of Lamborghini’s as some ladies with bikinis flaunt their big booty’s as Pump turns up all throughout the video.

The song has caused Pump a little backlash with his line smokin’ on dope, they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low (ching chong). The verse had many in the Chinese community outraged over the line and even Chinese rapper China Mac who on social media demanded Pump take it down which eventually led to him confronting him in person.

Pump immediately apologized and it has been edited out, check out the video below.

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