LAPD Still Investigating Nipsey Hussle’s Gang Affiliation


Nipsey Hussle‘s tragic death in March left many in his Crenshaw neighborhood and the Hip Hop community at a loss for words. Although despite the rappers tragic demise it is being reported by The New York Times that the rapper was still under investigation at the time of his death.


The LAPD and the Los Angeles County States Attorney’s office were apparently looking into his alleged gang affiliations. They were investigating Nip, his property and business associates in an effort to determine if the strip mall at the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue was a gang activity epicenter.


Even with the passing of Nipsey Hussle, the investigation continues meaning there’s a possibility authorities could take legal action against his business partners.


The City once upon a time went after Nip’s former landlords pressuring them to evict the Grammy Award-nominated rapper and his team as part of the on-going investigation. Although apparently the landlords instead sold the property to Hussle and a group of investors for $2.5 million earlier this year.


Despite being affiliated with a gang Neighborhood Nip was known in his community for bringing hope, positivity, and change.  Before his murder, he was working with the city to reduce gang violence. The Marathon Clothing guru was in the works to build new apartments, which was considered an “important investment” in the neighborhood in the face of recent gentrification. The rapper also often offered gang affiliates jobs and tried to help former inmates who had served prison time for gang-related crimes.

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