Kodak Black Claims He Punched Onyx Member Sticky Fingaz




Kodak Black is making headlines again for some outrageous claims he punched Onyx member Sticky Fingaz. In his recent Instagram Live videos, Kodak says the rap OG apparently ended up on his tour bus uninvited one night and he wasn’t feeling his “old head” vibe.

The Pampano Beach native would later go on to state he wound up hitting Sticky Fingaz after he discovered a fake weapon in his bag.

“I ain’t like his old head energy, ’cause I don’t really like old people like that,” Kodak says. “I’m a ’90s baby. I don’t got no respect for y’all … I punched that nigga dead in his shit.”

Kodak continues saying,  “Listen I grabbed his bag, right. I threw it. Then I went in that bitch. He had a gun in there, dog … When I tried to shoot the nigga, his gun was fake. I’m like, ‘Man, what the fuck? So he went running. At the same time, why you running for if you know your gun fake? This nigga a actor nigga, man.”


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As outlandish as the claims might be seeing is believing when it comes to the Hip Hop world as sometimes images are portrayed as is in Wrestling and can be deceiving. Sticky Fingaz himself fell victim to that in 1998 when he lost his MTV Boxing match versus a Skateboarder.

Sticky Fingaz has yet to respond to the claims but it should be interesting to see his response if any.

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