Kirk Knight-“Downtime” (Official Video)

Pro Era artist Kirk Knight finished off 2018 with the release of his second studio album, IIWIIKnight is now revisiting the project with a music video for one of the record’s standout tracks, “Downtime.”

To start the musical performance we find Kirk as he wakes up from a rough sleep possibly due to a rough night, the “Downtime” video follows the rapper taking a moment to himself as he recovers. Going from throwing up in the toilet to kicking back and relaxing, although as seen later he can’t quite get the alone time he deserves.

Knight spoke with  Complex on the symbolism behind the video.

How many times have you been overthinking and you thought so hard that you weren’t in reality anymore? Most times you enter your mind and you’re stuck in such deep thought you can’t get out of your own head. That’s how I felt when making this song,”

Take a look at the Downtime video below.

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