Kevin Gates Pays A Visit To C-Murder & Mac In A Louisiana Prison


Kevin Gates recently stopped by the Elyan Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Louisiana to visit incarcerated rappers C-Murder and Mac.


Gates made way to Instagram to share his reunion with his followers, “I went up to the Prison today to visit #LeeLucus #CMurder #Mac #BigMarlo and #Cornbread everybody in these photos have been gone over 20 years – @trucmurder told me tell you all he loves you and oh yea – #itWontBeLongNow #UBitchU ?#imReallyOneADemGenerals #LastADaGangstas #BigDriver.”

For those unfamiliar with C Murder, he is the brother of No Limit mogul Master P  and was charged and convicted of the 2002 shooting death of 16-year-old Steven Thomas in 2009 and is serving a life sentence.


As for New Orleans rapper Mac, he was arrested for the alleged shooting of 19-year-old Barron C Victor, Jr. and charged with second-degree murder. In 2001, he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to thirty years to life in prison.


Lee Lucas who Gates also visited was charged with four counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, one count of armed robbery and one count of second-degree murder.


After Kevin Gates visit the No Limit legend C Murder made his own IG post expressing his appreciation for the visit.


REAL RECOGNIZE REAL,” he wrote. “@iamkevingates came through and hollered at Cee. Nothing but respect for the homie Gates. A lot so call real left the homie hanging. You have to be real when you take time out your celebrity life to visit a homie in the pen. Salute @iamkevingates for the realest shit.”


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