Kash Doll Unleashes Her New Mini Movie “Hustla” The Kelly Chronicles

Detroit rapper Kash Doll blesses her Bratz fans with the release of her highly anticipated official mini movie entitled “Hustla.”

The short film that moonlights also as a music video details the life of a Detroit stripper named Kelly played by Kash Doll. Kelly one of the Strip Clubs top dancers is all about that dollar and willing to do anything to get it. Linking up with a local scammer Dre she meets in the club he persuades her to pull a lick that will later turn bad.


Kash Doll SR’s new flick is just an appetizer as the saga of Kelly will continue, as for the artist herself Kash Doll, the video is just the beginning of what she has in store for this year.


A tour and a mini-movie. I’m being me and being free so everything is coming. she tells UPROXX, Photoshoots, documentaries… I just want people to get to know who I am.”

Check out the sexy rappers short film Directed By Nimi Hendrix below.


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