Joe Budden Alleged Side Chick Comes Out And Sets The Record Straight


Over the spring break, a video surfaced online of rapper Joe Budden and a mystery lady that had social media starting to stir, finally understanding why Cyn Santana called it quits with the rapper/podcaster.


The mystery lady would later be identified as model Jazzma Kendrick and after a close look at the actual video, it becomes clear it really shows nothing, the two aren’t walking hand-in-hand or making out… they’re literally just walking down South Beach.



With Joe and Santana no longer engaged to be married it became a hot topic online and caused  Jazzma Kendrick who was being called a “Homewrecker” to speak out.


According to the website, Bossip Jazzma has explained the video in a recent Instagram comment (below).


No one was caught doing anything. I dated Joe’s cousin. We stopped talking but Joe and I remained friends. Platonic friends! Joe visited Miami with some friends and asked where they could go. I took them to a lounge. We all left together as a group, then went our separate ways. The end.”


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Never met a mothafucker fresh like me ? w/ @brianaans MUA: @keemachang Hair: @mo_of_me Stylist: @the.anarose Casted by @milltickettv

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Budden is yet to respond to the reports. Meanwhile, Cyn recently posted a clip with the former couple’s son Lexington in honor of Mother’s Day.





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