Jim Jones Squashes Longtime Beef With Max B

If you asked anyone in Harlem NYC if Jim Jones and Max B would ever squash their beef the answer would be a confident “NO”. When on the throwback DVD “The Come UpMax B was asked  what it would take to dead the beef, Max B (jokingly?) said that “Somebody would have to die.” Jones had a similar comment on a 2017 interview saying “You violate me a certain type of way, that’s for life.”

Well, it looks as though things have changed, it appears that much of that animosity has subsided from Jones standpoint, anyway. During a Thanksgiving weekend concert that took place on November 23 (the same event where Juelz Santana proposed to kimbella), the rapper ran through a tribute set that included some of his favorite collaborations with Max, including “G’s Up.”

Speaking from behind bars in 2013 Max B detailed what the whole beef stemmed from, “Why when I go perform at a show, and you makin’ excess amount of dollars, you makin’ [$10-15,000] how the fuck is you givin’ me $300? I’m doin’ eight, nine fucking records! I’m out here sweatin’ too,” Max stated.

Stemming from the aforementioned their beef would get allot deeper going from the booth and into the streets, with this new turn of events and Max B being Paroled soon (allegedly) maybe the two can bury the hatchet and collaborate on some good music again.

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