Fans React To Lil Pump’s Claims He’s “The Most Lyrical Rapper Of All Time”

These days just about every rapper and r&b singer is throwing their hat in the ring claiming they are the G.O.A.T, while some could come close, others perhaps are a little overly confident. That would be the case for Lil Pump who is, by all means, a talented artist but not quite (by a longshot) “The Most Lyrical Rapper Of All Time”.

Pump set the web ablaze recently when he hit Twitter to make the grandiose claim that he is the most lyrical rapper of all time.

Read the tweet below.

As the old people say “The Proof Is In The Pudding” and immediately after his claims hit Twitter His followers were quick to troll him with endless memes, below are a few of the hilarious responses.

It’s scientifically proven that I’m the most lyrical rapper of all time

Of course with his sophomore album “Harvard Dropout” dropping Feb. 22 his latest comments were more than likely following the new clout chasing wave that’s actually seeming to work just fine for Soulja Boy.

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