Eric Holder Indicted On New Charges By Grand Jury For Murder Of Nipsey Hussle



A Grand Jury has reportedly indicted alleged Nipsey Hussle killer Eric Holder in an L.A County District Court. According to TMZ new charges have also been added as well to the defendant’s case.


The Los Angeles County District Court had previously charged the suspect Holder with four counts, but the D.A. decided to have the case revisited by the Grand Jury. Joining the defendant’s charges for premeditated murder, two counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a felon and adding on two counts of assault with a firearm for the victims who survived.


Eric Holder previously pleaded not guilty and his bond was set at 5 Million now with the indictment prosecutors can skip the preliminary hearing and go straight to trial.


The D.A.’s office reportedly declined to comment on their bold move to pass on the preliminary hearing in which a judge must determine probable cause of a crime in order to make the defendant stand trial. Although this tactic is usually used when or if there’s a problem with the evidence.



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