Drake Displays His $1Mil Outfit On “How Much Is Your Outfit”


Drake and his OVO squad are hard at work on their “Assassination Vacation” Tour and take a little downtime to preview their outfits for The Unknown Vlog’s “How Much Is Your Outfit.”

Champaign Papi is currently in London and The Unknown Vlog’s recently caught up with Drake and the rest of the OVO team backstage for the latest episode of “How Much Is Your Outfit.”To start off Drake took a knee while most of his crew showed off their gear that consisted mostly of OVO brandattire.

Later the Toronto native would drastically top his team’s threads detailing first his jacket and shoes together that was $26K, his Tom Ford turtleneck and trousers put him up to $29K. The rapper’s accessories are what brings him to nearly reaching a mill. His diamond chain is worth $200K and his Richard Mille rm69 is $750K. Altogether his outfit cost $979K.

Watch the video above.

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