DonMonique Gives You A Taste Of That “Chocolate Bunny”


Fresh off the release of her album “Black Kate Moss“, sexy New York rapper DonMonique returns with the visuals for her track “Chocolate Bunny.”

Aside from its dope lyrics, the video is definitely heavy in sexual overtones and the chocolate goodness that is DonMonique believes if the men can do it so should the women.


For this particular music video I definitely wanted it to be sexy without me actually having to put all the sex appeal in it myself which is why I had my girls in it as well,” Dom said to FADER. “I think just because you’re dancing around with women in a video isn’t not considered ‘classy’ nowadays, especially in the music industry. Guys do worse in their videos and no one treats them any different. At the end of the day, I look at all of this as entertainment and as long as I know how to carry myself properly in everyday life that’s really what’s important.”


Check out the video above and as an added bonus listen to her album Black Kate Moss below.

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