The Diplomats Show Off Their Insane Jewelry Collection

While The DiplomatsDiplomatic Ties” album is still making waves in the streets the crew sit down with GQ‘s “On The Rocks” to flash some of their exotic jewelry.

The crew minus Cam’ron (or if you wanna get technical Jr Writer, Hell Rell and 40. Cal) kick off the interview with the origin of the name The Diplomats coming from a play on Master P and his No Limit Soldiers movement. Later they focus on the iconic Diplomat logo and its idea stemming from the eagle on the back of a dollar bill.

The Set flashes some watches starting with Juelz Santana showing off his Audemars Piguet worth 35,000 leave his teeth alone ppl he a legend and then Jim Jones JJ Irani Rolex he paid 55,000 for and last but not least the less flashy member Freaky Zeaky‘s Sky Dweller Rolex.

Check out the full video as they showcase chains they’ve acquired over the years and much more below.

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