Comedian Jeff Shelly has been making his fanbase laugh for some time now gaining over 35.2k followers on Instagram, Shelly plays a few different roles on his skits and one that standouts from the rest would be the character Counterfeit.

If you follow the Character on Instagram you know he is known for trying to be flashy and always attempting to hide the real truth that he’s broke,Jeff Shelly recently spoke to us about his character Counterfeit.

The idea for counterfeit was originally just a fake dude just doing fake stuff but like a year ago my homeboy that was a rapper got out of jail and we use to freestyle a lot and he told me you need to rap and I end up putting the rap on counterfeit.”

Shelly recently released a 7 track Ep entitled “Fakiest Story Ever Told” loaded with some hilarious tracks like “Nothing Authentic” where Counterfeit confesses to how fake he really is.

Nothing authentic comes from nobody being original nowadays

No one wants to be creative everybody wants to remake this and that.

Like we have to go back to a point where we creating because that’s what really keep life going.”

Check out the Ep below and after you press play pick up your digital download on iTunes.

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