Cooking Soul Remixes Guru’s Classic Record “Lifesaver”


Cooking Soul is back with another remix from their album “Remix Anthology Vol.1” and today drop off their mash-up of Legendary great Guru’s “Lifesaver.”

The song was taken from the late greats album ‘Jazzmatazz Vol. 2: The New Reality” featuring the soulful sounds of R&B singer Baybe. Guru’s track was his thought-provoking wake-up call for the brothers in the streets.


When I see another life that’s been torn apart
Over nonsense, no law, no order, it’s evidence
That the money only takes precedence
Cause everybody wants power
While the innocent are born or die, during every hour
I scowl as I look upon evil
But I must have the strength, to spark awareness in my people
And we will learn to respect our neighbors
Another message from the lifesaver


Check out the Cooking Soul mix below along with its original versions official video.




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