Conway The Machine Joins The Protest On New Song “Front Lines”



While the protests of the death of George Floyd continue, Griselda rapper Conway The Machine speaks up about police brutality and racial injustices that have continued to unfold around the country.


Conway’s new track entitled “Front Lines” speaks on the killing of George Floyd: “I just seen a video on the news I couldn’t believe/Another racist cop killed a nigga and get to leave/He screamin’ ‘I can’t breathe,’ cop ignoring all his pleas/Hands in his pocket, leaning on his neck with his knees.”


The Buffalo rapper also shares the sentiment of many that enough is enough: “We ain’t taking no more, we ain’t just pressing record/Can’t watch you kill my brother, you gon’ have to kill us all/Just ’cause he from the ghetto, that don’t mean he sellin’ crack/He driving home from work, you pull him over ’cause he black.”


Still hard at work working on his upcoming album From King to a GodConway has pumped his brakes and speaks out about the recent events and tells Complex recently why he stepped in the studio and recorded the Beat Butcha-produced song.


In the middle of the COVID pandemic, I’ve been quarantined finishing up FKTG,” Conway tells Complex. “The Amaud situation and Breonna situation and now George Floyd has brought me so much pain and anger because I’m a black man: a father, a brother, I have 2 sons. I wanted to give you the mindset from the protesters point of view, and I was able to paint that picture perfectly over this Beat Butcha production.”


Take a listen below to the loosie entitled Front Lines.


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