Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy Join Chris Brown On New Song “Wobble Up”



While Chris Brown is gearing up to release his project “Indigo,” Breezy taps Nicki Minaj and Bay area rapper G-Eazy on “Wobble Up.”

The raunchy new twerk anthem sets the tone with it’s NSFW lyrics and catchy chorus with Chris Brown jumping off the track with his verse, “‘Cause you done had your heart broke, and you’ve had enough/ Huh, your ex n—a, he was dumb as fuck/ Soon as I gave her the dick, she fallin’ in love,” Brown raps and sings.

Nicki Minaj gives em the ladies perspective urging fellas to step up and take their shot, “Players huddle up, cookie cold, better bundle up/ All ’em other dudes had their chance, now they out of luck,” she spits.

Last but not least West Coast Bay area rapper G-Eazy feels like spending some bread to get that good, good with his verse, even if that means swiping the platinum credit card. “I might have to fuck around and spend a house on it/ Down Rodeo, now I’m spendin’ large amounts on it/ Swipe the platinum, I might empty my accounts on it.”

Chris Breezy’s latest loosie is the singers third single of the year following his “Undecided” and his Michael Jackson influenced “Back To Love.”

Press play below.




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