Chance The Rapper Saves SoundCloud & Drops Young Thug Assisted “Big B’s”

Coming after widespread reports that SoundCloud  was on it’s way out the door, which the streaming service, home to one of the largest collections of unsigned music , has denied , looks like Chance the Rapper might’ve saved the day.

On Thursday, the rumor mill was a buzzing, that SoundCloud had 50 days until complete bankruptcy, Chance, one of thousands of rappers who credits SoundCloud with some of his earliest success, the artist cryptically tweeted that he was “working on [it].” He then announced today (7/15/17) that he had a “very fruitful” phone call with SoundCloud co-founder Alex Ljung, who revealed just last week that SoundCloud had slashed its staff nearly in half to stay financially afloat and remain independent. The apparent result of that call, according to Chance: “SoundCloud is here to stay.”


If the reports or hints that Chance may have helped the Company are true or not, no conformation from Soundcloud for that,  as the Company flat out denies it was experiencing any Financial trouble, “The music you love on SoundCloud isn’t going away, the music you shared or uploaded isn’t going away, because SoundCloud is not going away,” he wrote. “Not in 50 days, not in 80 days or anytime in the foreseeable future. Your music is safe.”

A Soundcloud spokesman told the Website Vulture, that the phone call to Soundcloud co-founder was in fact just and inquiry into the rumors and Chance’s Tweet was a reflection of the conversation.

Listen to Chance’s latest single “Big B’s” (Big Business) featuring Young Thug below.

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