Bun B. & Wife Queenie Detail Traumatic Home Invasion On The Breakfast Club



Last week Bun B and wife Queenie were confronted with a traumatic situation when an armed robber invaded their home which led to a shootout between Bun and the assailant. The UGK legend and his wife sit down with The Breakfast Club detailing the horrific incident alongside Bun’s lawyer.

Bun’s wife Queenie reportedly answered the door to a masked man holding a gun and calls the moment “Unreal” due to the fact that the couple was just returning home and everything seemed normal in the beginning.

And we were upstairs and i was putting dishes in the dishwasher and my sink, da window is right there and i seen the guy cross the driveway, but i thought it was my neighbor two doors down“, Queenie says.


Although what would seem normal unfortunately quickly escalated into a dangerous situation when the man enters the house and Bun B caught off guard in the bathroom hears someone in his house.


So i hear what’s going on so im like this is it, the moment i always talk about, somebody in my house right now threatening my wife, so i hop off the toilet i go get the pistol”.


The rapper would later confront the robber in his wife’s car inside their garage attempting to drive away but unable to start her car.


I dont know if he gonna shoot, but “im” definitely gonna shoot, and again i dont know what’s on the other side, Bun says speaking of the garage door. “So i just go through the door and i look and i dont see the garage doors up and i dont see a person, so then i look in the car, i see his head and his body turned back towards me and that’s when i just let that thing go“.


Tagging along with the UGK legend is his lawyer and also close friend Charles Adams who made it clear to the differences in Texas law as opposed to New York.


If Bun would have done what he did in New York he’d be in jail right now, you got to retreat to your furthest point in New York you do not in Texas,” Charles tells The Breakfast Club.


Apparently, the whole situation didn’t end at Bun’s home either as it’s revealed he later searched for the robber and upon finding him a shootout ensued. The suspect eventually made way to a Houston hospital with a gunshot injury to his shoulder. He was treated, then arrested for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.


Watch the full video below.





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