BIA Taps Nick Minaj For Remix To “Whole Lotta Money”




BIA has been on top of her game these past years with some of her viral hits like Best On Earth alongside many more. Today she continues to stake her claim in the game as she returns with her latest effort a remix to another hit entitled “Whole Lotta Money.”


Joining the Boston native on the loosie is none other than Nicki Minaj who had some feedback on her love for BIA’s original track and how the duo linked up.


I kept on saying I love this song,” Nicki said during an IG Live session with BIA. “I go into who did the song, and I was just gonna DM [BIA] and say ‘Yo, I love your song, keep doing your thing.’ I open her DM, and I see that [BIA] had been DM’ing me for three years.”


Take a listen to the remix of Whole Lotta Money below.







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